Fb account banned when posting on groups after 2 posts


I’m getting my account banned when sharing posts from my page in groups on fb.

After 3-4 posts I get ID verification… Do you know why it happens?

I’m using 2 years old accounts and do random actions and make account look human

did u make a warm up for your account for at least a week before posting ?

Yes of course! I usually warmup minimum 1 week, also some 2-3 months warmup

are these posts have links on it or some picture that have copyrights ?

mmm depends usually have a company name/ brand name or taken from google play store

sometimes like this: http://img13.deviantart.net/e606/i/2015/006/2/e/crash_bandicoot_logo__hd__by_jerimiahisaiah-d8cum37.png
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@Johnny @benny

@Said @tommy would appreciate your opinions! thanks guys!

@BrandonBerner thanks

Sorry @zgqeqjxj cant help you on this one. I only use Instagram :slight_smile:

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in the last 3 days Facebook is prohibiting use of any image that has copyrights, try this even with any copyrighted image on ur wall.
u need to rehash the image to solve this problem and tweak any words that have a mention of famous keywords

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Do you use proxies?

Yes of course, 1 private proxy per account

Often if you add an aged account on new proxy it gets verification ID. This is most likely to happen in case the IPs are from different geographic regions.

No that’s not happening, I’m having problems when sharing in groups…

When the account start sharing, it get blocked after some times


check also this:

Well, something is fishy here. If proxies are private, it doesn’t mean they’re good… Where did you get them?

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It’s a provider on bhw, but I’ve been using them for months and had no problem. Might be for copyright images as the guy said? But I’m not using copyrighted stuff on some accounts

Highly doubt it’s about copyrighted material, facebook and internet in global are full of it. They would have to ban half of their users.

Get couple of proxies from different provider, just to do some split testing. You never know who switched to the dark side and started selling shared proxies as private ones.

I don’t thing the copyrighted material caused the issue. I mostly repost image from Flickr and Google without any issue.
It might be the account quality or the proxy.

Maybe it’s a competitor that is following and flagging you or just upset members of the group flagging your accounts. Or your proxy provider has become shady

Try to change your proxy, you can’t be sure if those are still good or not.
Maybe your link is flagged and that’s why your accounts gets blocked. It happened to me once and I had to change my domain, because my accounts were getting banned after first post.