FB Account has been Disabled

Is there anything you can do if your FB account has been disabled?

Many thanks

Totally disabled? Not just asking for ID or something like that?
You must been doing something really fishy if they did that :slight_smile: or ton of people reported your profile.

I don’t think so, you just delete it and move on.

Means it’s the end of the road for that account :skull:

Prepare a funeral then a toast then click Delete :stuck_out_tongue:

Recently some of my 2 years-aged accounts were banned after ID request and after I sent what they requested.
one week of silence just showing the 72 hours message and then… **DISABLED ACCOUNT :frowning: **
Facebook is become more strict day by day . . .
Just try to live with it : random FB bans.
Just to troll FB I have a rule: For every account banned, I open 3 new :stuck_out_tongue:

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That rule sounds familiar :slight_smile:

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