FB Account management advice: Read all Facebook emails

I make sure that all of the email addresses I use for accounts forward to a main email so that I can read every FB email. Before I started monitoring all FB email I wasn’t always sure why an account would die. Now I can see that many of the “purchased” accounts were being accessed by others even after account information change. I found FB emails telling my that my email had changed or my phone had changed. All of these warnings that my accounts where in danger. There are a half dozen reasons why FB would email you but only a few are important.

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Can you plz share those important reasons only why FB email?

how do others access your accounts? did you not change the account password after you purchased them?

I don’t know how they do it. I just know this only happens to purchased accounts. It could be they use the account recovery option or maybe they go through the business portal.

Yesterday I received 4 emails telling my my ad account was disabled on a purchased account. The day before that I received 3 emails telling me one of my accounts was added to another persons ad account. I don’t even use ad accounts and when I purchase an account the ad account access is usually restricted.

yes that the main question, you should have changed everything on those accounts to avoid those kind of issues

What did I forget to change? When I purchase an account I change username, email, phone, password, log out all instances, add 2step login, remove all ad accounts.

If there are more things I should do please suggest them to me.

that is pretty much it, the recovery email/phone? did you remove them as well?

yes. I check those. My thoughts are that some people sell stolen accounts which are recoverable no matter what I change. Maybe I’m wrong. Makes it hard to trust any purchased account to be a long term solution. Can’t make them admin of anything.

yes of course there are a lot of providers that sell stolen accounts but even with that you can get away sometimes, but if the original owner appeal to FB and prove that the account is him they will give it back.

Do the accounts were ordered from a seller on MPSocial?
if so I believe it would be a good idea to report his thread and let us know in order to be crefull

Yeah, it’s better not to make purchased accounts the admin of any group or page. Have you tried buying accounts from another account provider? Also, contact the provider of those problematic accounts and ask for their explanation as to why you got emails saying someone else changed the account email or phone number.

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