FB Ad Account keeps getting instantly Disabled then instantly Reactiavted

My ad account keeps on getting disabled.

After I appeal it it’s approved and reinstated within 20-30min.

It says I’m breaking a policy and I guarantee none of my Ads break any of their policies.

I’m promoting a device that can be used in the kitchen so I don’t see where I’m breaking rules.

I checked all my ads, ad sets. Nothing out of the ordinary that would stand out to me on why I would be banned.

Like I literally get banned, then I will get Reactivated fast every single time, this has been going on for close to 2 weeks now.

Please anyone who has insights on this let me know. Thanks!!

Did you try asking them for a reason via the Live Chat?

I don’t think that the live chat is available for all :slight_smile: from what I read here on the forum, it’s available only for users that spend certain amount of money on ads. Where do you see the option for live chat on this page that you suggested?

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That’s true, since @Jake_Lich Has been running ads for at least 2 weeks (the period his account get’s the “On/Off” treatment) I would assume he has already sunk some money into it :slight_smile:

Availability seems to vary:

On the bottom of the page you should see this:


You are right :slight_smile: in that case, it’s most probably available for @Jake_Lich. Let us know how it went and if they gave you some solution, even this sounds like some kind of bug on their side. Good luck :slight_smile: