Fb ad is not working at all!

Hello everyone, i have been using fb ads for years. Worked really well, but for last week or so it’s not working at all. I sell female handbags. I didn’t target or choosed interest before and worked like charm. I was getting good sales, now even though the engagement rate is high i am not getting any sale. I choosed interest, behavior and stuff still nothing. Is there anyone who can tell what is going on and how can get more sales.
Note: i don’t have any website. I import from china and sell them to womens from my country.

there are some conversion difficulties these last weeks I don’t know how long it will last but most FB ads users are reporting the same, what I suggest is to change your strategies, try something new and slow down a bit.

You should tell more about what you did in the past and what you changed. You didn’t use any targeting at all when it did work well for you?

On facebook there are different kinds of users. Ones that click on everything, but do not buy. And ones that do buy. Facebook knows who they are. Probably they are giving you the wrong audience now :wink: You should look at goals/conversions. Maybe the targeting is not the problem.

Yes, man! it’s really frustrating. Well, I am going slow for now. Thanks for the info

I didn’t even have to target any specific audience. All i did was click boost, it worked really well for a while, like last year and this year. Until now. But after last fb terms update nothing is working, even if i specify the audience. Can you please give me any idea how can target who buys? please and thank you!