FB Adding Friends - With or without Jarvee

Hello, nice to write for the first time on this forum:)

I am an experienced Facebook Ads Buyer (I initially wrote Marketer) with years of practice for my own businesses and very little for some friends (I did not work for “clients”).

But I have very little experience with other opportunities that FB and the other Social Platforms are offering - although I always wanted, I did not do any growth through automation - let’s just say that the classic “I do not have enough time” excuse works in this area, too.

So. That for my background, I just hope it was not to long.

Now about automation/ Jarvee.

I jumped on it one week ago and I decided to start with FB - maybe because it is the platform which I know better, maybe because I am under the impression that FB sells better, I do not know.

I created some FB profiles the safe way (through the mobile app, with different “virgin” mobile connections), I added photos, statuses, 2-3 posts and several friends and I requested access to targeted groups (20-40 for each account, I did not have any problem). After one day or so, I have added the profiles into Jarvee, through a proxy (I have used Happy Media mobile proxy with static IP).

All the actions I have done so far:

  • Scroll through “Real Browser Experience” (8-10 websites a day)
  • Like posts from pages and groups (started with 20-30, going up to 100 per profile)
  • Publish own posts on FB Wall, not Groups (2-3-4 posts per profile)

I did not have any problem, everything looks safe & sound.

STILL, the problem is that 90% of all the friend requests that I seem to receive (I still have the last account on the mobile phone and this is how I noticed) are coming from “produced” accounts, exactly like mine, which want to push some weight loss solution or miracle cream at me…

So, the questions arise.

  1. How do we make sure that the 4,998 friends which we would like to get are not fake?
  2. Is there any possibility to target accounts created before 2015 (for the sake of the example)?
  3. Is there any possibility to target friends that are women? Or men?
  4. Is there a way in which we would accept all the requests and then filter out the “produced” accounts?
  5. What would be the safest way to navigate to the “friend” accounts in order to see if they are fake or not (if it must be done manually)? Through the embedded browser of Jarvee?

Thank you for reading and eventually replying to my long post :slight_smile:

Hi @Eve

Welcome to MPSocial.

As I can see, your main problem is the friend requests that you receive. Solution is simple, don’t accept them. Instead of that, you send friend requests to your target audience.

Let’s say your target audience are females (mothers). What you can do is go to page like this one:

go to one of the posts and add those who liked the posts, here’s the link of likers (those who left reaction):

You’ll get this link if you do right click on reactions and copy the link. Then you can add it in Jarvee Tool “Search and add friends” > “Sources” tab.

To scale it up, find more pages related to niche you’re targeting, get reactions URL of their posts and add them too.

There’s no way to check is account made today or couple of years ago with automation (Jarvee). You do it manually (check when they started posting on FB) and yes, best option is to use Embedded browser, just make sure that none of the tools are working at the time you’re using the browser.



Well yes, it makes sense. Another problem I have is with adding friends from this source (reactions on posts) but I have alteady sent all the details to Jarvee support team.


  1. What is the chance I am still getting fake accounts?!
  2. After what period of “warming up” my accounts can I start to send friend requests and how many?

Thank you!

I have similar questions as @Eve above :slight_smile:

  1. What is a safe number of friend requests to send daily using this method?

  2. How long after account creation can we start sending friend requests?

There’s always a chance you’ll add fake account, we can’t know did fake or real account like the post. Try to find pages that get a lot of likes and comments (comments that actually have some sense :slight_smile: ) on their posts. Read comments a little bit, see are accounts that commented real or not - you can spot that easily. Do that for couple of posts for that page, so you’re sure page has many real people following it. This is your best bet imo.

I’d warm them up for 2-3 weeks (during that period add some friends that FB suggests). Then start with requests. Just make sure you still do other actions that normal accounts would do, like posts from newsfeed (account actions tool), post on your own wall (pictures and text statuses), add night mode 6-8 hours when accounts won’t do any actions…

On my test accounts, I do 25 - 30 friend requests per day. Accounts are aged, well warmed up and automated for a long time.

So, you can start with 5 - 10 friend requests per day then slowly increase till you reach 25 - 30. Just to be clear, 30 requests per day could be risky, but for my accounts, it works nicely.

@RustyBread - Check my reply to @Eve


I have just read this reply right now…

I am pretty sure (or am I crazy) I have watched a 2020 tutorial (from a good source) that was offering numbers much higher than that, otherwise I do not know how did I do that…

I have started several days ago (4-5-6) with several accounts and much higher limits (I have warmed up the accounts for 2 weeks, I still have normal activity in all of them, including browsing and likes and posts to the wall).

I still got no error and everything is fine, but now I got scared.


I like to play it safe :slight_smile: if it works for you, keep going, nothing to be scared about… :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info, this does really help and gives a good insight.