Fb ads leads can you help please?

Hey, I was starting campaigns on fb with the leads option, and I’ve gained quite a lot of them, but my questions is, if I ask people for their phone number, is it also effective not to call them, but to message them on the Viber telegram WhatsApp and etc? What do you think?

And what would be the best selling option, if I sell service, business audit? (Conversion or leads)

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There’s no way for anyone here to know. You just have to test.

I’d say do calls if you need clients, and do messages if you have a bigger problem with quality than quality.

You could also be really creative and try video messages or something over whatsapp.

Best of luck!

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If you write it explicitly in your leads pitch and make them aware that you will/might contact them, then why not. Also, you can make a checklist box that they can tick if they allow to be contacted through the apps

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infact its a real benefit this way only real interested will opt in cus FB pre populate the fields so they just need to press a button but when you ask for an extra move you weed out your leads and get only the kinda serious ones well i think

It depends in you bro, usually for products its better conversions but for services i prefer to use leads you’re on the right track to use fb ads and not spam.