FB Audience Extractor


Is this a verified tool? The website doesn’t look appealing at all.


We scrape all via jarvee.


Agreed. Use Jarvee :wink:


what type of data that you need?


emails and phone numbers


if you dont use jarvee you can try faceboook audience blaster or facebook simple audiens.


Is jarvee similar with hootsuite?


Day and Night.
Test it.


What do I do with all the data? I’m trying to get my app to 5000 downloads


that’s also will be good for u :slight_smile:


I am working on creating a facebook page that promotes events for night clubs, there is a way to use Jarvee to invite the audience from other nightclub to follow my page/group? Or maybe to target the same audience?
Thank you


email and mobile phone number?


Create look alike audience based your data.
Dont forget to set the location if your app location based and age of your target.