FB Banned personal account - Haven't done anything

Hey guys,

I heard many people got their personal FB banned between 13th-14th Dec 2020

Anyone else got locked here? As mentioned, this is personal account, 11 years old.

Haven’t done anything besides logging in and browsing/watching videos.


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Nope, I’ve got several FB accounts including my own, running them on Jarvee and haven’t noticed anything unusual.

Mine is not even logged in Jarvee, it’s my real account which I am using on daily basis :sweat_smile:

My personal just got banned too, Submitted ID and everything :frowning:

My account is pretty old too (10 years) and I only run ads

if you run ads you have access to facebook support, contact them via the ad center

I just got un-banned, Also I couldn’t contact ad centre cause my entire personal acc got banned so I can’t access ads at all.

I think its scary how some people can get banned and their ads will still run as some only run their own ads

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Yoooo man! I just got Unban too about same time as you (10 hours ago). This is insane. My ad was keep running also.

Do you think it just was a bug or something?

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yeah many users are reporting the same, I have a lot of accounts but none was blocked, I think they are testing some new stuff but contacting them will solve the issue.

Good to hear that your account god unbanned. Did you maybe use some other facebook account for other purposes from the same machine or IP? Did you get any info from them about this situation?

Nope not at all, trust me I know how important is it not to link between accounts, I haven’t :sweat_smile:

I am glad to hear that. Probably an easy way to shut down some inactive users or something like that because you’ve managed to retrieve it without problems.

Check twitter for #facebookdisabledme seems like it happened to a lot of people

Hey can you still run ads? I got advertising restricted after my unban was lifted

Yep! I can still run ads successfully

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My personal account just got banned from using Facebook products/advertising. My account was hacked several months ago and I fought hard to get everything back, but they had TRASHED my business manager and ad accounts. I told the rep at the time that I was VERY concerned it would leave a black mark on my record and they did nothing. Now yesterday all of a sudden, I’m banned. I refuse to think there’s nothing I can do even if my appeal is denied. Does anyone have any ideas?

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