FB Bus/Fan Page - Aweber landing page app not working correctly

Is there anyone else out there using the Aweber app on their Facebook Bus/Fan Page and they’ve got it working ok? Please help me. :smiley:

I’ve just started to get really serious after several months away from marketing on FB and IG due to health and other related matters, I’m now back in the saddle…

I’ve been growing one of my FB Pages and I’m hovering around 1.9k followers and I tried to directly link my aweber account with my page to grow my mail list.

For some reason it just doesn’t seem to be working correctly… It appears to work in desktop mode… but does not work when I test it on my on my mobile phone m.facebook account.

When I try to link regular FB ads via Ads Manager to my landing page it seems broke.

There have been so many changes going on with FB and their ads manager etc… and I hear so many stories about FB’s landing page App requirements etc… it hard to know what to do…

1.) I heard or leaned in a course or a forum a while back that landing pages on FB Bus/Fan Pages won’t work until you have more than 2k followers? True/False?

2.) Has FB’s Lead Ads program done something to ALL other Landing Page apps? I actually ran a test Lead Ad and installed the Zapier/Aweber app and it actually worked and I got a lead and a subscription to my Aweber mail list. But does that app kill off all other landing page apps?

Thanks, :sunglasses::grinning: