FB Changing Email Adress - Verification is not coming


has someone of you already had the problem, when you wanted to change in an account the email adress and the verification email from facebook is not been coming?

I tested it already in 2 accounts with new mail adresses from GMX, GMAIL and i always dont get the verification mail. Also looked in the SPAM folder, nothing there.

Has someone a tip for me?


wait some more? maybe they have some delays/troubles in sending the email.


But i also noticed already, that its not a good idea to change on aged accounts the mail adress, because after this a got a security check to identify my friends… For my luck i passed it :wink:

For futuere, i will setup the accounts my own and then they have from beginning on the correct datas in it, so that i dont have to change anything anymore.


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When you buy aged accounts, ask seller to provide you email address too. This way you don’t have to change it.

Yes, the next time i do it. But mostly the mail adresses which are used for signup are looking all really spammy and not naturaly, this is what i see until now…

But thanks for the tip!


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Tried it now several times, but a verification mail is not sent from facebook. I have really no clue why…

The email adress from the seller is deleted by facebook, thats why i have the troubles now and facebook is complaing that the email adress is not reachable.

Really strange, on an other account with an gmx.net adress, it worked instantly…

What is your original email? For my case, it’s an expired domain (actually not yet but unlinked DNS), so the email bounced a few times and basically marked the email as invalid etc.

So since it cant send emails to the old acc telling it “you have added a new email”, then it basically marks the account as dead.

I linked the domain back, and tried it with my other accs, so far 1 succeded. It also sent me email to the domain “your previous email is unreachable”. I used the same domain just with diff alias, so i’m gonna try with other domain and see what it says.

In my case its a email adress from gmx.com like harrymnailla509@gmx.com - they seem totally autogenerated and the email account is shut down.

I created now a gmail.com adress with the name of the facebook account, added there the mail to get the verification, but there is no verification mail coming.

I will try it later with a gmx.net adress, maybe then it works, but its really strange.

But thats the troubles when you buy accounts and they use autogenerated mail accounts, which look already really done from bots and getting shutted down later…


Well you’ve just confirmed my suspicion. The reason is because the email account is invalid so after a few bounces from fb they mark the account as dormant, basically as good as dead.

If you somehow got it to reactivate after the inactive “grace” period, then depending on provider, emails will not receive during the grace period, so even after you manage to activate it back, the emails that’s bounced by fb email is what’s flagging the account.

Like i said earlier, when you add a new email, an email will fire to the old email to notify of your changes. When FB is not able to send the email to the old one, then it will raise a flag telling FB, someone might have hacked into the account to change email. When they occasionally send notification emails to the old email, it would have already flagged the account since their notification emails kept bouncing.

Alright, i just tried a gmx.net mail, but its also not function.

So you could be right. So i can delete this account, when i had been understanding you right… correct?

Tried now on a second account to change the mail (where the actually mal adress is still valid) and its functioning. So you are right, when the old mail adress is not valid since a long time anymore then the account seems to be flagged and you can not change the mail adress anymore.