FB Group Invite Block (10 days passed still block group invitation)

Hi, one of my groups is probably blocked from accepting members, this is message that I get on every account when I try to add member : “You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action.”
My question is, how long this blocks can last?
Similar post exists bt solution mentioned was to wait 4-5 days and in my case it had already been 10 days.
What to do and where to report

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Are you blocked for both, inviting users to group and accepting those who requested to join?

I’m asking 'cause I never got blocked for accepting them… just for adding users to group…

No I and all others group members have only been blocked from inviting users to group.
For joining request I have already set automatic join so no problem in that

what is the usual per day limit after which you got blocked? it was 500 something i guess right?

my group members can’t invite their friends…but why? do you have any idea?

Are you gettin errors when trying to invite, If yes, would you mind sharing screenshots of the errors.

I believe you have to start sending report to FB now. It will take them time to respond so you have to be very patient and persistent.