FB Group joiner - how to gain page followers

Hi guys, probably a beginners question but couldn’t find the answer here just yet. I am updating a FB page (Jenny Designs for example) via campaign with daily content. I want to get likes and followers to that page (obviously) The page was launched yesterday by a personal user account (Jenny James for example) that’s 3 days old. Now I want to use the group joiner tool as many of you do.

Now the question, when I join groups, the FB user account (Janney James) joins the group, no? So how do I get people to follow the page?

Thanks for you patience :wink:
Lars – a MP beginner…

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MP has the option to comment and like as a page instead of the account, find pages in your niche and start commenting (auto) on there pages, make sure your fanpage has a catchy name and you will get the likes, takes time though

I used to use this method with a WP plugin called WP Fan Machine 2.0 and had great results with it, grew some pages to 20K likes, MP has that option too, it is in one of the FB posting videos

Dave, thanks for the quick feedback, that works for groups as well I guess? I’ll check the video


No, Pages isn’t able to post, comment or like a post on a facebook group. This is a fb limitation and not MP.

what you can do is share your facebook page post to facebook groups as that’s what a lot of users are doing here

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To post to groups on a large scale you need to buy facebook accounts and use the group joiner with those accounts and share your facebook page posts.

Are you in the facebook massplanner group page?

There is a guide in the “files” tab in that page for posting in groups:


Thanks Don! Mucho apreciato :wink:

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