FB Group Posting - New "Sell Something" layout

Hi guys!

I’ve been experiencing problems recently when choosing the right groups to post our ads to.

We always found sales group to be the most active and most effective for our type of marketing and used to send to tens of thousands of sales groups through thousands of accounts but after the new changes and update we can see that now the system has changed and now requires a photo to be uploaded. This is certainly an issue !

As we can’t make the photo unique for every post we tested a couple of hundred posts through so many accounts and were getting accounts banned as well as restricted from posting in sales groups, this must be due to the photo being found to be the same across multiple posts.

For now, we have staff check that a specific group doesn’t have the option of “sell something” when building our destination lists manually which is taking us far too much time and also we are missing out on advertising in the groups that have the most activity. The “discussion”/“what would you like to talk about” groups work find and we are able to post but we are still missing out due to the sheer volumes of sales groups for particular areas we would like too advertise.

If anyone has any solution to this problem or even is experiencing the same issue please don’t hesitate to follow up on here.

If you are posting with Jarvee, there is option to make images unique when posted, are you after of that option? It’s in the campaign overview tab.

Do you have any other things in common between these account, such as proxies, profile images? How old are your account? How many times per day do you post

Hi Bianca,

Thank you, I was told to try this option out which I will do, I’ll keep you updated to the results.

All accs are unique, no other links. each account posts to 5 groups 3 times per day with 2500 seconds between each post. All are warmed properly with actions and RSS feed daily posts also.