FB & IG ads to get followers

In addition to Jarvee and all the F/UF methods people use…is it sometimes cheaper or worth it to supplement the bots with some good ole fashion paid ads to get followers too?? Anyone do both?

I don’t see any reason not to do this if you have the money to spend, however it might be worth noting that people (in my experience anyway, maybe I suck at targeting) never follow back with ads.

Also don’t think there’s an option to “follow” an account from an IG ad at least, but rather just to view the profile/page and then hope they follow you. Maybe that’s changed, not sure.

Beyond that, it might just appear to make your account look more legitimate as someone who pays for ads vs a spammer trying to exploit the platform. But I’ve still had accounts banned that spent small amounts, once DURING a test campaign which was just blatantly fucked.

Ads are not rly efficient in getting new followers tbh. They are great to sell a product but not worth for growing accounts since you pay a lot and rarely get any followers

Not very efficient. If you already utilize software, you hold a goldmine with the mining tools to acquire the treasures you seek. Spending on Ads will generally pale in comparison, unless your growth campaign is pegged as a secondary goal to converting traffic to an offer or sale.

better to use other paid methods to grow other and ads (shoutout, mentions …etc)

I have run ads privately and for large corps, you never get followers unless its a competition you are advertising or a campaign.

Personally I don’t use Jarvee but I am consdidering it as my engagement is in the toilet at the moment

yes you should try it at least until your engagement is back on feet