Fb local marketplace

Hi guys,
I have an issue with my fb account
I try to extract local sale groups but when extracted the geolocation is different from the one I want.
I’ve changed the City details in the Fb details but still when I hit the button I get results from other location.
How can I fix that?


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If you have a screenshot of your settings, maybe we can better understand your issue. Also, have you contacted their support?

Are you talking about Facebook Marketplace?

Are you using Jarvee finder tool? Are the locations of the extracted groups same as your IP location?

plus one on this… are you by any chance using proxies which are reflecting a different location from your original FB location?

Yes, it’ s FB marketplace

I’m using 4f proxies, that are different from FB account location

Yes they are
how can I fix that?

If the results’ location matches the location of the proxies that you are using, then you should use proxies that reflect the location from which you would like the results to come from.

yes i see that now…thanksss