Fb message: Warning This post has been removed or could not be loaded

Hello everyone…

Here’s one issue i’ve been having lately with one of my profiles on facebook… I am using over 30 profiles and posting successfully with them, but with one of the profiles i am having an issue that whatever that profiles posts in facebook group, that post isn’t visible when i check it from other browser… (when i check the post that profile posted from other browser i am getting that annoying message from facebook : “Warning…This post has been removed or could not be loaded.”)

Now the thing is i am not doing anything different with this specific profile that i am not already doing with other profiles… the strange thing is that even if i post some normal, non-promotional post in groups with that profile the result is the same, the post is not visible from other browsers… I’ve checked the restrictions page from facebook and the profile is not on any official restriction list… Anyone have a clue where to look to pinpoint the problem? oh yes, i even tried to make a dummy group from other profile that i have control of and post it in it… and the results is the same… Also whenever i try to post with this account i am getting a captcha, no mather what the comment is… So any ideas?

I never seen something like that. Looks like FB doesn’t like that profile :slight_smile: Why don’t you stop using it for couple of days. Let it cool down and then try again.

Yes that’s what i am doing currently… Hvala :wink:

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Can’t say I’ve seen this either. Maybe it’s something new they’re trying as they constantly roll out new updates to a small percentage of their userbase to test things out.

It’s possible … I always had more problems with this profile compared to other… like getting more captchas … I spend more deathbycaptcha credit on this one then all other together… lol … Maybe it’s just time to put this one on the bench for a while and check it out later, after some time pass… Ok, Thanks for your input guys, i am always for sharing issues so MP can become even better in the future… Maybe this profile had more suspicious history of usage on facebook than the others and that’s why it is giving it a hard time…

Probably, or maybe it’s just triggering some filters for some reason. Try changing stuff about it, change the details/add more, also add some pictures in case it doesn’t have them, get more friends for it, post more on the wall, stuff that normal accounts do, and see if that helps. Or as you said, just leave it be for a while :slight_smile:

Thanks Johhny…will do… I’ll report back in some time to let you guys know how it went…

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I’m having this issue now. How did you fix this?