FB page - free analytics tool?

I tried googling it, but all the tools I found were either not free or require a FB login (which I try to avoid).

Anyone know of a free tool that gives the basic analytics for a fb page (i.e. post reach, etc.)

The analytics provided by Fb itself are quit good, why not use those?

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it is good, but only gives 6 months back.
if i want to know which posts got the highest reach, it doesn’t go further back…

Honestly I doubt you will find any free one that will provide you more than that. That’s because any analytics that you will find will start gathering data from the moment you sign up with them, they can’t collect data from before. Also this data needs to be kept somewhere and 6 months of it is quite a lot… Maybe paid analytics, but again, you will start from 0 with them, not even the 6 months Fb is showing at the moment.