Fb posting without being banned

I was banned for posting on groups I am not really sure whats the problem. fB says
I am spamming…they remove all my post. Please help

To get help you really need to give more information about what you were doing.

So, are you spamming?

What kind of links are you posting?

How many posts per day per account?

I am promoting a company , with adcopy something like this.

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Access here:
mod edit: link removed

with an image…I am posting 1 post in 100 groups in one day with 500 seconds delay. please advise

I am not spamming… i post my link (landing page)
i post to 100 groups in a day

You use 1 account to post the same post with the same link to 100 groups in a day ?

But you are not spamming because the link is to your landing page ? :grinning:

I don’t want to be sarcastic, but if the above is right I can understand why FB accuses you for being a spammer. 100 is really too much.

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OK I see thanks for your feed back what do you recommend ?
how many post per day ( same post)… I don’t really know the fb guidelines for fb groups posting. What you area saying different post at a time?

I don’t know the exact limits. But I don’t post the same link more than once a day with 1 account. Maybe @Adnan can tell you more about the exact limits.

You can also try to find out yourself. Keep quiet for some days. Post your link 1 time a day, see what happens if you do it twice a day etc. But I think the limit of posting the exact same link is more close to once or twice a day than to 100.

A solution could be is to use more than 1 account. Not to post the same post but change the text of your posts, and use different links.

OK thank for the tips … :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t post to more than 20 groups per day with only one account.

If you need to post more, then get more accounts.

Delay between each post should be at least 15-30 minutes. Make sure you use spinning syntax so you don’t post same text over and over again.

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You need to be cautious while posting and should not share more than 20 posts daily.
Facebook has a strict monitoring system to check spam activity and it considers massive mechanical posting as spam.

Do you think fb also checks why an account in us (proxy) shares a post of an australian page in australian groups ?

Does someone know australian proxies ?