FB Profile Picture Upload doesnt work

Hey guys,
recently some of my accounts got the profile picture block. But when im uploading the picture and press confirm nothing happens and the site reloads. Anyone has a solution to this? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You mean that Facebook blocked your account and that it’s asking you to upload a picture, right?

Yes I had same issue this morning.

so does anyone has a solution for this problem?

yes thats the problem

Had the same problem. In the last 2 days I lost all accounts asking for profile picture upload then accounts are disabled.

What’s happening

This worked for me,

Open profile image from back up with paint, save image as png picture.

After image has been saved as yourimage.png i then renamed the file to whatever.png maybe not needed but this is what i did yesterday then uploaded to facebook with embeded browser.

Did this yesterday it works.

And you got your account restored ?

No still waiting on that one, might lose a few have to wait and see.

IT worked! you just have to upload the picture as a png. JPG did not work for me!

Just an update most accounts are gettting unlocked.

i tried too and can’t create any new accounts. all of them got blocked instantly

The last time when i did it, i got 4 from 6 accounts back.

When your accounts are getting blocked immediately then its not the software, then the problem could be the proxy ips.



4 out of 6 back is really a nice ratio.

How many account per proxy do you assign? I think it might be my proxy issue…

1 account per proxy