FB temporarily locked so i need tips about buy fb account

I have 12 company pages that i promote through sharing in groups fb.
This last days 3 of my account has been temporarily locked
i cannot go through the whole process (on mobile and pc)
i can identify friends with pics then nothing more, clikc on continue but stuck there.
any ideas?

Second question i really need to promote those pages, as people pay me for that. where i can buy fb account and which vpn i need to use.
well i never usedany vpn before dont know anything about this.
will be nice if someone can give me directions
thanks :slight_smile:

Are you using different IP address to access those accounts…

It’s fine to promote page on group…but do they(group admin) approve your post easily? or mark it as spam? When people mark it as spam, then Facebook throw verification page to you after checking your all activity.

There is marketplace in BHW forum where people sell FB account…you can check there.

no problem with admin. never marked as spam (never received any notification about that) ok well i gonna check this market place thx

last question do i need to buy a thai facebook account or ?
or better buy a fb account who match with the country of the proxy?

It’s fine to go with both option…

Many people use free VPN to access Facebook and facebook know that country location is not same as user profile display, but that’s fine…They do more focus on your activity…and then go for such a detail…

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is it OK to create facebook accounts from DC proxy?

Why not if you can?..They have more filters on signup page compare to others…If they allowed to enter that means your proxy and setting bypass their algorithm…Just make sure no one abuse that proxy after that.