FCK Sylvvia from IG. Giveaway inside

Sylvvia fcked me with a ban on a big customer account. I hate her.

So to get some possitive energy for the weekend i will give away 2 accounts in the anime niche with 1400 and 1900 followers, good engagement.

Because i hate this niche, i fcking hate that niche, so you will get Sylvvia and one account.

Who wants it!!!

I choose @ end of the day


haha nice idea.

I’m in.

Who is sylvvia and why is anime niche so bad?

A bitch from IG :slight_smile:

It’s not bad. But i cant grow good accounts and stay motivated when i don’t have a feeling with a niche.

Interesting topic :slight_smile: so you wanna make two people happy, nice of you :wink: Not in, but I am sure there will be many interested.

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I’m in too. I’ve been wanting to give that niche a shot.

Fcuk Sylvia! Print a few t-shirts and start selling them on the forum :slight_smile: I’m sure there are gonna be a few takers.

I’m in. Sylwia has been fucking my accounts as well lately. :frowning:

OK, here we go. Limited edition - Only 3 left:



468 euro! Scammer! :wink:


what!? It’s a good deal! Top quality t shirts. I promise.


You promiss they are good quality? Minimum of 4 hours garanteed?

Top notch.

I forgot to mention for this price, Sylwya is also included as a bonus. You can beat her up, or…convince her to get you your account back.

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Who is Sylvvia?


She works here and is derailing you?

“Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

:smiley: :smiley:

You’re here all the time and still not Level 3??? Cmon man…

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It’s not my fault i think… I guess i ride support to much about updates for Pinterest, that is costing me my promotion to level 3 :smiley: :smiley:

Ohw well…


Sorry to hear that, but on the other hand …
Was it Sylvvia ?
Or was it you?

Think about it in this way :
She banned your big account
There must have been something to ban for.
Change it. And protect from a ban on a bigger account of yours!

or you could find her, tie legs to a car drag her 20miles on bumpy roads then throw her in a bag with some stones and drown her ! just joking… Or am i ?

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of course you are… :smiley:

nothing to see here, move along…

or better, join in for the giveaway :wink:

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