Feature idea: Automatic notifications deletion

Chance to mute users followed by Jarvee is great – it made my personal IG profile usable again. There is still one problem that makes usage of my personal IG profile quite inconvenient: it is the massive flood of notifications.

On Instagram it is possible to delete notifications via Instagram app but as friends of automation we all understand that it makes no sense to do it by hand. It would be great to have also an option to automatically delete Instagram notifications about interactions with users followed by Jarvee.

Programmatic notifications deletion would make using Instagram account (1) more convenient in usage point of view and (2) proactively prevent trouble with girlfriend. I don’t really want to need to take that burden of proof. Less drama, more life.

Hi @penaerkki

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Please send us an email, add Feature request in subject and copy/paste what you wrote here. Our developers will check it out.

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Hi @Stiletto, thank you.

I sent the feature request via email.

Have a great weekend!

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