✅ FEATURE REQUEST: Automate EMAIL VERIFICATION with Captcha For Scraper Account Using Own Phones

Almost all of us are losing a lot of precious time to Solve stupid Captcha after EMAIL VERIFICATION: where is the Car or Where is the Palm Tree or where is Traffic Light…

So I thought of automating this process using our own sim cards.

For this we need:

a. For the captcha part:

  1. Captcha Solver account: 2captcha is already present in J. This company pays people to solve captcha at your place.
  2. 2captcha credit: 0.5 to 1 USD for 1000 CAPTCHAs

b. For the Phone Verifiaction Part:

  1. Android Phone + Phone Numbers (each Phone Number can be used 2 times a week for Phone Verification)

  2. Android Application called smsforwarder: This application would listen to in coming SMS and send them to an email

  3. An email where this App would send the SMS and where J can read it


d. Algorithm To Implement:

When an account Get A Captcha Phone Verification:

1.Click on “I’am not a Robot” button

2.Send the captcha to 2captcha or any other known captcha solver.

After the Captcha is Solved.

  1. Select one of the unused Phone Number and put it in the Phone Number Input field (J can maintain a table Phone number => Number of time it was used for Phone Verification last week) The user would enter the phone numbers that he owns

An alternative way, is to loop on all available Phone number, try with 1 number if the code does not come after 5 minutes, try with the next phone number…

4.Listen to the incoming email on the 1 email used.

  1. Enter the received code and solve the issue

  2. Verify the account

If you are fed up of solving captcha and feel that this feature would be useful for you please vote “YES”

  • YES
  • NO

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Bump! Please vote if you need this :wink:

Probably won’t happen, too many external dependencies.
Also why would you waste a phone just for sms verification?

Yeah I have requested this because I was fed up with EMAIL Verification with Scrapers…