Fed Up With Facebook.. Advice Would be Greatly Appreciated

Okay guys, I don’t know what the heck is happening… but I’m getting tired of it.

So Facebook disabled my account recently due to my using of a nickname for my personal profile (okay, fine, thats fair. I was going against Facebooks ToS and they acted). As a result, I lost my profile and my business page on top of it. I did everything I could to get in touch with FB, but their ToS is terrible and in the end, I accepted the loss of the account.

So I made a new personal profile, using my ACTUAL name this time, making sure to do everything right, and recreated my business page (and rebranded all my other personal profiles as a result) and when I try to log in today, guess what?


This is absurd. Not only is it absurd, but I can’t even get on the phone or even a chat to talk with a real life human being to remedy this. Unreal.

If any of you have any suggestions, I would be happy to hear them… thank you.

This can be connected with your FB page. What is it about? Have you added any URL to your page?
Maybe they don’t like what your business is offering.

It seems a bit strange. I do not believe that they will completely disable a legit personal account in such a way that it cannot be recovered anymore only because you are using a nickname.

I am active as a moderator for some political groups/pages on Facebook and I reported people with nicknames often in the past. I often do this when they are posting trash or racist language on our pages. But usually nothing happens. Accounts are still active weeks later. They only give some stupid reply that they will do nothing.

What do you mean with: (and rebranded all my other personal profiles as a result) ?

Its a personal brand, so the page is just me. And I highly doubt that, as everything via both accounts was completely brand new with virtually 0 engagement. I believe the reason they disabled the 2nd account I made was because I used the same phone number from the 1st account, but at any rate it’s still absurd…

I got my personal account disabled recently, but for a good reason. When I tried to create new one, with same number, they didn’t let me. I guess you added the number later?

I just mean I changed the @ tags for all my other usernames on Social to match my Facebook page. As I said, it’s a personal brand. But I hadn’t even begun interacting with other users/pages/groups yet. The 1st account was maybe a month old before getting disabled (I was still learning how Facebook works from a marketing stand point so hadn’t done anything yet) and the second account was not even a day old before being disabled.

Are you doing strange things with Facebook using the same IP ?

No, the only thing I could have possible done that broke the ToS was using a nickname

I created the account, went to make a new page, and used the same number from the 1st account (the only number I have, considering it’s my cell phone…) so that I could have an @ username (Facebook doesn’t allow a page to have one if the number is not verified) and the result? My account was disabled less than 24 hrs later.

Your IP is blacklisted

https://www.facebook.com/business/resources You can Chat to business support .

Use your last name first and then your first name for new ID user different browser.

please do not spam on the new ID wait it to get warmed up. They track activity_log

I’m sorry but I don’t really understand what you’re saying here. I don’t know what you mean by using last name and then first… and I also never spammed in the first place.

If your name is JCS your first name J and Last is S , While creating your new ID use S as first name and J as last name.

Are you talking for a business page or personal profile? And what difference would it make?

And you say my ip is blacklisted… how do you know that?

Also, Facebook doesn’t offer chat.


  1. http://prntscr.com/fhlilj < Facebook Chat
  2. I am talking about your profile .
  3. from now on shift your business work to business.facebook.com
  4. If page is still Live shift it asap.

I am relaxed haha, I just don’t understand how any of that might help. Plus my page is no longer live, it was disabled along with my profile. Even if it was live, I wouldn’t be able to access it anyway. Which also means I can’t utilize the chat, as it is done through Facebooks messenger.

yes man enjoy don’t worry facebook might be hard but you got to be harder :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed, but what I’m trying to promote is a personal brand… so I don’t have an unlimited number of tries to keep making accounts, and since the newest one I made got disabled after less than 24 hrs of being active… I’m incredibly hesitant to make a new one, in fear of the same thing happening.

outsource me thats the best i can offer here.

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I appreciate the advice anyway : )

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