Feedback about Business Idea - Instagram / TikTok / Youtube Video Editor and Repost

Hi guys ,

I am a developer and am looking for feedback about new ideas to expand my app portfolio .

So recently I thought that maybe it would be useful for a lot of people who want to grow accounts on multiple platforms which prioritize video content (instagram, tiktok, youtube) to have a SAAS App that would basically do the following :

  • Allow to Repost / Share content between all 3 platforms Easily
  • Add masks / overlays / video effects / Subtitles that would allow to totally change the look of each video so there is basically no resemblance with the originals
  • Remove TikTok Logo

You would be able to share from tiktok to instagram and vice versa , while being able to edit anything in the video and add chose from a broad range of effects to add over it .

This would be a Fully Fledged Video Editor that would integrate directly with this cross posting functionality, allowing you to either upload your videos and edit them / upload to multiple platforms in one place or just repost videos you find and add a lot of custom effects to them for easily getting unique content that will allow you to grow multiple accounts organically .

Would you use something like this ?
Do you know any similar apps that already do it ?

Would really like to get some feedback about all those of you managing social media

Some feedback form my side:
I think the three platforms target different styles of content. Someone using youtube might not want to add the same videos to his ig story and also will post much different content to his tiktok account and I guess the variation of the video (masks, overlays etc.) will not change the content itself. Of course this is only one group of people that won’t be your target group.

It might be interesting for businesses but then I would tend to combine it with analytics. E. g. push me a notification if a video was successful on one of my platforms and serve me the possibility to repost it to another platform while changing the style of the video in order to fit it the overall target group of the platform.

yes that would be a good idea and i think a lot of users will be able to implement most those tools and make money of them, did you manage to start on this project? do you have any demo or anything to test with?