Few question about bots

Yo creeps and bloods wussup
i have few questions about using bots
*is it safe to use a bot service and surf my IG account from my android?
i asking this becouse when i login to the service and it ask me to aprove myself on my ig account
it shows over seas location (login attempt)
*how many follows/likes should i use at the beginning?

Please share your wisdom about those services
thx yall keep it clean while you putting it in

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I generally dont “connect” or give info to anyone on my accounts. If you want bot followers you could easily get them from another service without giving them your info.

those services cost pretty much alot of money,
so i think they have a goal of making money not break into random pips accounts
im using trial right now anyways
i feel you G, ill definitely change my password after this,
i never saw a service/bot for follow/like with out giving ig username and a password,
will be glad if you share one or two with me, back to back hola cha boy
anyways thx for your comment and i need to, know about stuff i asked above, thx yo

What bot service for IG are you using?

This is pretty much a standard thing, even when traveling. If you log in from an unfamiliar IP, especially one that is suspect or geographically different from where you are at, it will throw a flag.

Sauce: Traveled a lot. IG asked me to verify in every country.

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i would stay away from bots. Its how accounts get banned for life.

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instamacro, i dont recommend, they are freaking expensive
if you want free 5 hours you can try, pretty simple service very cool i would pay if it wasnt so expensive

lol, instmacro is very expensive for not much return.

does it matter if i use the bot or it depends on the amount of follow/likes i send?

@cutapig. Instead of piecemealing a thread, why not make one big post with your budget, goals etc? Using Instamacro is a good way to go broke depending on your goals.


thats a good idea, about instamacro i am not gona spend 1$ on this service
i just scrape the google for free trials lol this kind of services
instazood offer 3 day trial im gonna hit that next :slight_smile:
after ill try a few ill decide which ill use, if ill use a bot
im using instamacro for few hours and i do see results
small but still, mabye ill give a try for a auto like/follow service
thx for your comment

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OK. But what is the endgoal? You are an artist, I can google search your works. Many of these services cannot do what you want and or cost a lot.

the way far far, end goal, the finish line, is to make my own clothing brand
for now i just run my personal art instagram page, looking for exposure etc

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