Few Questions Regarding Client Management and Dropshipping

Hello Everyone,

This is my very first thread. I have been reading posts on this forum which is really a great forum undoubtedly and helped me a lot with different things, but there are some questions that I wanted to ask, I hope you guys will def help me out with these, I’ll try to make them concise as much as possible.
I have decided to try drop shipping and client management and want to see which one works for me and is better.

First few questions are related to the client management system.

1: I am about to create 30 child accounts which will be linked to 1 mother account which I plan to have 3-4K fake followers and will have 10-15 motivational posts related to instagram growth. What I want to know is that how should my child accounts look like? I want to do the least work on them but still should work fine. Can anybody show me an example child account for Social Media Marketing Agency?

2: How should I refer people to my Mother account. which is the best and high conversion way of doing this. Mention in bio, mention in DM, or mentions in posts. or maybe all of them?

3: is it fine to have mentions of 1 account in all 30 accounts or it can create problems?

4: What actions would you suggest, F/U, DM or comments? if I don’t use hashtags, will I be missing a lot?

5: Should I create a website for the agency, or is it okay not to have a website in the start, I want to see some results in start so I gain confidence and keep working on it.

Following Questions are related to drop-shipping:

6: Which niche should I choose, I know everything works if you do it right but what would you suggest is the best niche to work with, I am personally interested in working with mobile phone accessories, what are your views regarding it?

7: can you show me an example of child drop-shipping account?

8: Would you add links in all child dropshipping accounts? (isn’t it gonna be expensive to have cloaked links in all accounts?)

This is pretty much it, a lot of questions but I’ll be extremely grateful if I can get answers.
I know these must’ve been asked before as well but I couldn’t find them exactly in my scenario.



Client management:
2. Dont mention in posts and bio,in my experience instagram can flag it after some time. Use Dm’s and send a dm after the user followed your account with 4-6 different variations

  1. Definetly use hashtags, if you have good proxies use likes and like comments (1-2 punch from garyvee)

  2. We start without a website too before we have 1-2k $ monthly, after that it is better in my experience to get clients through the website leads, more serously and you have more social status

If you have testimonials on your website it is very good too



6: hear a lot of good things with bracelets, when you plan your actions to a event and invest in some ads and shoutouts you can make nice profit, like valentins day and the other shit

7: i have 15 different pages with our website link in the description and it works, maybe cause i have 5 accounts with the normal link, 5 accounts with a bitly link and 5 accounts with tinyurl, so far no problems

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Sorry if I ask but maye this could help other people too, hope to not go too much off topic.
Do you have also an account about your IG agency, or do you get clients directly through cold call/email?
Thanks if you will answer :slight_smile:

i don’t do Client management so i’ll skip CM related questions .

Dropshipping :

6: i would suggest you start with a 1 product store , promoting 1 product is much much easier than trying to promote 10,100,1000 Product .
What product should i choose ?
choose a product that solves a problem
this is an example of a great single product store , this store made 400k $ in no time , Proof :

as you can see he is selling a product that SOLVES A PROBLEM !
those results are from Fb ads btw so don’t get excited cause you won’t get anywhere near those results from botting .
but now you have a good example to follow .

7 - A good example of a drop-shipping account https://www.instagram.com/puravidabracelets_india/

8 I personally don’t put my store link in any of my child accounts , i just tag the official account ( Mother account ) in bio .
but in the example i gave you in question 7 you can see he is using a shortned link , you can do that too if you like to .
sorry for the bad english mate and good luck with your biz :smile:


Thank you very much for your reply.
How many child accounts do you have for one mother account? did you add mother account’s tag at once on all child accounts?

I definitely plan to create an account for agency, which will be my ultimate main mother account.

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I have 99 Child account for my store .
no ididn’t tag the mother account on all my accounts at once , i started with 10 accounts and started scaling slowly .

I wish if you could be more specific, so you have one mother account for 99 child accs?
How much gap did you give after adding first 10, then second 10.

I appreciate your time :))

i sticked to 10 accounts first for one month .
i tried to scale very fast to 70 accounts , that didn’t work very good as i got 40 accounts instantly banned .
so is tarted testing Accounts/Proxies/Reprofiling strategies , for me 10 accounts per day is the hghest limit i reached when it comes to tagging the mother account .

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Really appreciate your insight into this!

How many followers do you have on your main account and what’s your sales conversion rate?

What drop shipping product niches are over saturated in your opinion?

I think you are just replying for the sake of replying and didn’t read anything.

no, why would you think that? these are questions I am genuinely curious about

I’ll tell my opinion here.

When it comes to making money in e-commerce with the help of IG botting (as I do) , I would strongly recommend not choosing a one product dropshipping store, and instead go for something more personalized and brand-like, for example white label niche brand or print on demand. With these , more personalized and unique, ideas it is more easier to utilise IG botting and fanpages , it is also more survivable long-term and can become as a great asset for you.

I was dropshipping 2-3 years ago, the money was much easier and faster, but the niches and products die out much faster and it is much harder to actually survive long-term. The product quality can also be much worse often times. That is why I switched to a PoD niche brand, currently have done 100k+ on the store in an evergreen niche with an insane assets - email lists, hundreds of fanpages and customer lists - all this gives me the oppurtunity of exiting the biz (selling it) for additional 6 figures, simply because of the fact that the products I sell (designs) are not available anywhere else and the niche will always sell.

To sum up ( from my own experience ) - Go for something more personalized and unique , brand-like. It will make botting easier and results more efficient and long-term.

And also, pura vida bracelets are not a dropshipping business. The account above is probably one of their affiliates

2: I would advise staying away from mentioning in bio. I would suggest doing 40-50 dm’s / day to new followers/people you interacted with and directing them to main mother account. You can also test by mentioning in posts ( with nice spyntax )
3: It is fine , atleast from my experience, for about 100 accs to mention one acc in DM’s or for 30-50 accs to frequently mention one acc in post captions.
4: Use hashtags, but dont use the same ones over and over again, i would advise sticking to 5-10 hashtags per post. F/U + DM + comments all help .
5: Website is not crucial, a strong mother account with nice engagement and social proof often does the work

6: As some mentioned above, either choose a niche/product that solves a problem, or find a thing people are passionate about and make it as a niche. Mobile phone accessories as a niche is awful. Stay away from electronics as well, just from my own experience

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I can’t think of 1 reason why he would do that lol…
His question was probably meant for @AbuBakr

I completely get you here bro and I really appericiate your detailed replies, but don’t you think people are still doing great with dropshipping?
also I am still not clear which way to go as I need to learn everything as soon as I can.

Thank you for you participation, means a lot

Ofcourse people are still doing great dropshipping, but it’s usually not long term , usually those are just some kind of viral products that die out real quick. It’s just my opinion , but I prefer to build something long lasting and actually valuable as an asset. Both ways work though

Now I get what you are saying, Actually, I am not planning dropshipping for the long term, I am doing it to understand how everything works, for the long term, I have a plan of running my own brand so before that, I am kind of practicing by doing dropshipping

My main account has 3900 Followers
My conversion Rate :


No niche is oversaturated (in my opinion) , if you have the right Marketing strategy you can sell any product .
but if you are a beginner , i would suggest to stay away from where the big sharks swim : Fashion , Jewelery etc… , the competetion is on it’s highest levels on these Niches .

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