Few views after changing region on TikTok

Hi guys, I had a previous account on TikTok with my italian SIM card and I get 25k likes, and 2.5k followers with 8 videos, but then I decided to want to change my region to the USA so i bought a SIM card on eBay and I’ve created a new account. Now I post videos with local Wi-Fi and the USA SIM card, and the result is: yes my audience is completely from the USA but I get few views and few likes, what do you think? Thank you.

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how few views?

I get 100-150 views and 15-40 likes, also I think TikTok is targeting the wrong audience for my videos.

The exact opposite for me. I was getting max 100-200 views with my local SIM card, and thousands of views (one video has 912k views) with my foregin SIM card. One thing that I’ve noticed you’ve been doing wrong is constantly making new accounts. Just focus on one. They won’t shadowban you for switching SIM cards. People travel and do that all the time.

Yes, maybe it’s because I have created the account only few days ago.

Can you please give us an update, i have the same issues.

I’m sorry but nothing has changed, so in my personal experience this method didn’t work.

Very strange. Are you reposting old videos, or you’re only creating new ones? I just tried making a new account, reposting some of my older videos and got not results, while my main account is almost reaching 100k with the foreign SIM card method, and I started in April.

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it’s so weird I reposted a vidéo and i got more than 10k views when usually my video do only 1000 views with the SIM method it’s so weird Lol.

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Can you update us with what happened at the end @StalloneItaliano?