Filtering possible sources

Is there any way or tool that I can filter possible sources by number of followers or their engagement?
Or sort the people following me by the number of followers they have?

Sort them where? Provide more context please.

yes. you could do that.

Read more here:

For more infos feel free to contact us in direct.

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Ideally a free third party tool that allows me to search accounts just within my followers and engagement limit - and one that can let me view the people that follow me, sorted by by number of followers.

I guess it doesn’t exist - I’m looking for mid sized account’s in my niche with high engagement.

Seems like manually is the way to go.
I would like source accounts with 5-20k followers in travel / landscape niche, with high engagement.
Any ideas please share here :slight_smile:

You dont have to do it manually :slight_smile: i have specific accounts set up for following profiles that im looking for so for. There you set up the amount of followers you would want the profiles to have and if you want to pick a specific niche you just add the words that should be included in their names. As follow sources you add big profiles that the profiles you’re looking for are likely to follow and let it scrape and look for them every day.

I realize there are probably less complex and easier way to do but as long as it works I am fine with it :slight_smile:

Searching for these sources is what I want to filter - I want the source to have a travel / landscape theme, 5-20k followers, and over a certain level of engagement.
Is manually searching accounts and then checking their engagement really the best way to do this?