Find profiles which you don't follow, which have used specific hashtag

Daily we’re scanning a specific hashtag, to locate owners of a specific vehicle, to follow them.
As our list grows, slowly it takes more time to find users that we are not following yet.

Is it possible with certain software to scan certain hashtags, and only display the user we are not following yet? Maybe with Jarvee?

You could scrape your followings

And then possibly scrape those who posted with the hashtag

And cross those two lists…

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  1. scrape your followers
  2. scrape usernames which used certain hashtag

put two of these lists next to each other in Excel and bang

you will see accounts you arent following.

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Yes exactly, how do I scrape these?

use Jarvee if you have it

Thanks. I don’t have Jarvee yet, is this the best tool for that? Or are there other (free) tools available as well?