Find viral and repost

Looking for a tool that can find viral videos on tiktok and or Instagram to repost them on Instagram reels
Can jarvee do this? or if there is second tool for tiktok reposting to Instagram?
Preferable without watermark

You can repost from Instagram to Instagram using Jarvee, but from TikTok to Instagram you need to find another tool to scrape videos from TikTok and post them using Jarvee.

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Reposting from Instagram and posting to another Instagram or other platforms is possible with Jarvee. They have the repost tool that will let you repost posts from you IG source, Also using this, you can post it to other platform using the Campaign. You can start a free trial from here: JARVEE - Social Media Posting and Automation

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Tiktok has been removed from Jarvee, it’s not possible to scrape TikTok videos anymore.

To find and scrape viral posts on Instagram, you can use the following filters in your IG Repost tool in Jarvee:

if you plan on posting the videos to multiple IG accounts, you have to create a campaign, set your Repost tool to send the scraped videos to a campaign, and then set your campaign to publish them to Reels.


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there is no option to repost from TT to IG on Jarvee but what you can do is scrape viral videos from IG then repost them using Jarvee, also, TT doesn’t work correctly at the moment using Jarvee they are working on fixing it.

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Tiktok is not exist on Jarvee anymore

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I haven’t used Jarvee for a while now planing to do so for this but still curious if there’s any scraper tool for TT
I used to have one but it only with watermark

If you are asking about Jarvee, then no, there is no TikTok anymore in Jarvee.