Finding big active accounts to target

How do you do that? Manuel like me? Example. In car niche i just look some active car accounts and add them. But i want/need more fresh accounts.

Any ideas to find/grab lists of populair accounts in certain niches?



I do it manually, I guess its better like that because you get to choose the accounts that you think have a very targeted audience for your niche/offer.

Will be following this thread to see if there are other good methods.


You can check the tool called “SPIKE” i recommended in this thread 2 Best research tools for me beside Google

For example you said your niche is car (btw this is too broad, you need to go deeper than that to get some good results, depending what you are promoting), but for this demonstration i took car as niche selection…

So in SPIKE i selected following options:
country: North America (as country of interest)
language: English
Network: Instagram
Time frame : Instagram posts with most likes from last 12 hours
Keyword: car

By using these search queries I got some instagram accounts related to your niche like:

Now this is just from one simple search i did… so by tweaking different aspects inside SPIKE i am sure you can get results you are looking for…


Thank you for sharing @100jan. Super helpful!!!

This is what i do:

  1. search in instagram around 10/15 accounts by keyword
  2. search “keyword follow posts @ k” without “” in Google, the results are keyword related instagram profiles with more than 1k+ followers… it works for me. :wink:

I do this method too @brian96, that Spike tool listed above only gives me the top 5 biggest accounts on Instagram no matter what keyword I use, like CNN and Pepsi. Didn’t work out well for me.

Google, or even Scrapebox would get fast results using your search query, then choose Tools and Past Week for time to find things that are active even?

What niche you are trying to search for?

Also if you were getting results like CNN and Pepsi, you can exclude them from your search by adding a minus sign “-” followed by that account name… -Pepsi -CNN … Same like you can do on Google Search

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Any keyword or hashtag I tried would give me major brand accounts with little value.

Hey new to the forum thanks for the info. Could you please explain what you mean by “keyword follow posts @ k” search you do in Google? keyword=car (i.e.) follow=? posts=?

I’m a little confused how you use that search or what values you place for follow and posts…thanks


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hi dear. Can u tell about FB account . U found that way? Thanku