Finding Emails for new accounts


Hey guys,

I have tried searching the topic and was surprised not to really find anything on it. I want to setup 5-10 accounts and need emails for each account. Whats the workflow for this? I found a lot of info on proxies but not this topic. Any help would be awesome.

I did read that you can add an alias to gmail with a +spam etc at the end and its like using a different email. does that work?


if you have a domain you can use Cpanel and set it so that any email sent to that domain is forwarded to one domain using “catchall” . That way you can use things like… and have as many as you want all going to one email address.


most of the people are using yahoo nowadays.


Use mobile IP, which give you different IP when you do airplane mode ON/OFF and then open any email service like hotmail, yahoo, mail ru or yandex ru in incognito mode or in different chrome profile.