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Hey guys,

I’m thinking of using Jarvee to scrape posts with high engagement and post it in my main account. I wanted to run this idea through you experts if you don’t mind helping me decide which option is the best way to go.

1- Set up the main account on Jarvee and have it save the post to the drafts
- Question, can I access those “saved posts on draft” from my phone, and post it from my phone so it doesn’t give any red flags to Instagram in regards to automation, or it’s only through Jarvee?

2- Create a “dull” account just for the purpose of looking for/posting high engagement posts from other accounts in the niche, then access that “dull account” from my phone, and manually repost it on the main account.

I have some food accounts and am looking to automate at least the “finding a post” part of the process, to make sure I’m only posting things that will get good engagement. Even though I enjoy seeing food on Instagram the whole day, I want to optimize my engagement rate, so trying to make sure I post stuff that everyone likes not just me.

On another note, I still haven’t set up proxies on Jarvee, so I’m avoiding to post from there to prevent bans.

I hope this makes sense. If not, please feel free to criticize the strategy. I’m all ears.

if you are growing niche accounts, then i suggest you to watch this video.


So I actually had already watched the video before, but watched it again just to make sure. But he doesn’t address the questions there. He only mentions he’ll talk about the campaigns and drafts on another video, but never actually released another video

In my experience nothing on youtube will help, this forum will though.

Agree with you on that one. So since we are here, what’s your take on the first msg of the thread?

Bump - I’d like to know this to

You can schedule posts within Jarvee to your main account, and if you run the program on your own computer from your wifi then You dont need proxy. But probably it wouldnt worth paying the monthly fee for only this purpose. What you can do is either do your option 2, or scrape the posts and download them to your phone and post manually or use a service like Hootsuite or Later to auto post. In this case I would use a dummy account for scraping just to make sure you stay as clean as possible. Dont forget to change the MD5 hash of your downloaded photos, with a free software. (To make harder for IG to track the photo.) Hope it helped :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome @Tigrisss, appreciate the time. I actually have a mac so I had to set up a VPS, but didn’t install any proxy so far (still looking at options)

On your point about paying the monthly fee, I want to use Jarvee for other things as well such as the Like Exchange tool for example, also want to grow “slave” accounts to use later on to grow clients’ accounts.

Well if you run Jarvee on a VPS I wouldnt recommend using it without proxy. You should go with a Residential private proxy or a 4G mobile. Maybe you can get away with Datacenter proxies also, but you never know. For mobile proxies Henry Cooper on this forum offers his 1:1 for $4.

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I see, yeah I came across Henry Cooper’s before, just making sure I look through other options as well. Maybe pay a little more than $4/month if the quality increases. Still researching. But I guess people speak well of Henry’s options