Finding Influencers - Tips & Tools - Advice On Locating Them


I’ve had a good look and I can’t really find anything to help me for my new small business. I’m looking for a quicker way to find influencers in the beauty niche without manually contacting them all day. As I’m sure everyones aware this can be a time consuming process and not all influencers reply. I was wondering if anyone had a better method or system behind this? I’ve checked the search option and there is something called Iconosquare which I haven’t had much luck with. If anyone has any advice as I’m sure this is quite common topic! My ideal influencer is between 5k-50k followers in the beauty niche.

Thank you!

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I did some digging and found this company called Heepsy ( - their free version allows you to find influencers based on keywords in bio (which I’m guessing you might look for “beauty guru” or similar).

I also haven’t used this before but you might want to get a free trial of to do some research - they seem to have a cool tool :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the recommendations @instagirl! I was just looking up for a service like that.


This is my way to find the influencers, just type your niche on the search box, then they will show up with a list, choose the one with a verified stick, then hit follow button.
After that Instagram will give you some suggestions about account related to that niche, click on them to find almost big account on your niches, I did this and tried heepsy too, the result is better than Heepsy, because Heepsy result is based on the hashtags in the bio so the result is somehow not good enough.
Hope this help.
One more thing if your niche is about food or animals… just search them on Google with " top Instagram account for food lover" and you will find them easily