Finding quality Follow sources

So I seem to be having an issue finding high quality follow sources from target accounts.
They seem to constantly be removed from follow sources due to poor follow-back ratios.

Any tips/suggestions?

This is a really tough question to answer without any additional info.

Your targeting should include account that are followed by people that have a good chance of having interest in your content.

The social network of Instagram is driven by context, to better your context the more followers you’ll collect (naturally or using some method as f/uf)

Define your account’s niche and then experiment with sources that are related to it.


Try to find those account in whatever niche you are looking for which are also doing f/uf. That will probably give you good result.

Look at the accounts activity and look at accounts that are following you first without following or having liked them first. These accounts tend to be on the move.

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