Finding the TOP content of an account?

Hello boys and girls,

I’m starting to add content to my various accounts and wanted to know if there is a tool that can provide / sort content based on number of likes / comments?

4K Srogram and the other downloaders get ALL content, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Is there a tool that can grab only the top content?

Use 4k stogram to to download content based on accounts not on hashtags.Find good accounts that post quality pictures and download from there.

Thanks, but my question was how can I find what is the TOP content of an account? Scraping all is easy, I want something more refined.

I used to have a few FB pages that posted good content. Then I found a tool that allows me to find the best content from other similar pages. Once I started posting “proven” content things took off quite fast.

I’m trying to find a similar tool for Instagram. Hope that makes sense.

I have added this kind of tool to my programs that I will code, it will be web based, stay tuned, although it will take 1 or 2 months for me to finish it since i got a lot of work on my hands.

That’s a good tease :slight_smile: What do I do in the mean time?

I guess just do it the hard way, download InstagramDL Plugin for chome, go through popular accounts in your niche and download most popular posts.

We do have a feature called REPOST tool for instagram. Basically, you can enter your keywords or accounts as sources and you can filter the posts you want to extract base on how much likes they have or how much comments they have. May I know why you don’t want to use that instead?

Well… first off I didn’t know of such a tool :slight_smile: Is there a tutorial video on it, could not find one?