First client on SMMA (Instagram)

Hey guys, somehow I got my first client
I read alot about instagram algorithm and even made a mini book (6k words and its not complete) about how can anyone use the algorithm so he can grow his instagram account.
Its just I dont know from where should I start.
I dont want to do mother\slave method cuz I didnt try it and have no experience with it.
Im kinda lost so anyone can clear my mind and help me focus on what should I do?


apply what you wrote is a start.


I suggest you start reading this forum. It’s the best thing you can do for sharpening your IG marketing knowledge. I am here since 1,5 month and I learn new things almost every day.

Good starting point:


Do you have any experience in automating? The simplest way to grow is with Jarvee, a mobile proxy and f/u.


I thought about posting 1-2 photos\videos each day + hashtags with captions ofc 50-100 words something intresting.
Couple of stories with gadgets\hashtags.
Follow unfollow a little bit.
What do you say?

Thanks! I did already read alot about all those stuff. And still reading about new stuff.

So you reccomend me to strart with f/u?
Where from did you started? If may I ask ofc.

I did couple of times f/u
So I should f/u and at the same time posting and stories and all of this?

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excellent. start now. that way that bridge of action is started.


F/u is the simplest way to assure the account will grow. It will drive traffic into the profile. But if the profile and content is bad, people will neither be following or engaging with the content. Stories are a great way to create a more intimate relationship with followers and make them feel like they know you.

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excellent. start now. that way that bridge of action is started.
Btw do I need to use proxy or vpn? I dont have instagram at all.

Yea I have to try to make as much authentic content as I can.
Do you have any more tips so I can use?

I’m confused. You wrote a “how to” without actually having done any of it? Perfect Guru guide. Market it as pdf for $120


Easy advice: learn your skill before selling anything.

Why not first run 200 accounts for yourself over 3 months? Then you know how the game works.


Also, how did you get your first client? What did you tell them you could do for them if you don’t actually have any experience growing accounts?


SNAKEOIL always sells :grinning:


Did you tell give them expectations in terms of how fast their account will grow? Whatever you told them, now you have to follow through if you want to keep them as a client

Not sure if I’m understanding this correctly, but you landed a client but don’t know how to grow his account? You’re definitely not growing his account with strictly the algorithm unless you’re posting content for him and it’s all extremely viral material. You’ve never done M/S and don’t know how to do F/U I assume? Is this the Bradley Lee kid on a new account? @wortime


S&M or M/S isn’t that the same… :slight_smile:
Seems like I am too old to have any mercy for people who sell stuff but don’t know what they are doing.

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Based on your client management style, you should definitely start out with the most complex, time consuming method possible ie M/S. Just keep jumping in the deep end before learning how to swim.

There was some IG “influencer” who was having an e-book made, and they came snooping around here, both the “publishing” company and them. Asking lots of questions so they could get info for their $2k course on how to become an infuencer on IG.

That was a good time.


Wow that is even far smarter than to struggle with all the IG problems. Just writing a bible defining the insta gods and villians and becoming rich quick. Maybe I have designed my life in a fully wrong/not efficient way.

EDIT: I should publish a book “How to get laid by using Instagram”


I was actually working on a Tinder ebook. I have like 2500 matches. I feel like IG would be a good way to market it. I’m super lazy though.

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Lets do a joint approach and make this fun :slight_smile:
Everybody writes a chapter and we put all the revenues in a pot and meet for a grand party… YEAH