First Client.... Where to start (advice needed)

Hi all,

I say “first client” it’s my cousin’s account but still… not one of my own so something I need to be fairly careful with! She runs her own local makeup business for lashes, micro blading etc and wants to increase her following / potentially some clients. All the costs will be covered by her and I’m not charging her for my time.

I’m looking for some advice on how to approach this. So far…

  • The account is HQ made by her over a year ago.
  • I will be buying a dedicated private proxy (high quality) to run the account.
  • I will be starting very slowly with this account F/U - gradually increasing to 500/perday max.
  • Asking her/researching other local businesses in the same niche around her location for my sources. (is this the best way to get my sources?)
  • She will be posting content or will this cause issues or should she not do this whilst I’m running automation?

The main concern I have at the moment is sources and I’ve never really targeted a small area before. Any advice would be grateful.

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Use a mobile proxy

Won’t cause any issues :wink:

It’s one of the possibilities - definitely a good start


Thanks for the advice it was going down the Mobile proxy route :slight_smile:

Since this is a local business and sooner or later you will run out of local people to f/u, make sure to do everything you can to make people follow back and make the maximum amount of impact on the ideal audience.

I would definitely make jarvee like 2-3 posts of a lot of the people you follow. Also, depending on how many people there is to choose from, some kind of DM could yield results too.

Hi Luke, what kind of mobile proxy will you use?

Hi mate,

I’ve been using @HenryCooper’s proxies very good so far!


Thanks Lukec for the suggestion.
Good luck on your first client, hope more clients a head Mate :smiley:


For sources you can think about potential customers in the area and local accounts they might follow. Not just competitors but where your customers might shop; clothes stores, hair salons. Filter by female names in Jarvee to make this more effective, especially if you target more general sources.

Next you can use geo location (people that posted from a location) to find customers that are local. Again, filtering is your friend here.

Finally, find the local influencers and target their followers. These are local popular people who your target customers follow. they always exist wherever you are, micro celebrities, fashion boutique owners, local musicians.

Even in a small town there are a lot of people to target.

Good luck!


Ask her for a list of the IG accounts of her current customers. The followers of her current customers will also more likely be her future customers too.

thanks mate gave me loads of ideas i wouldn’t have thought about.