First Comment Bot Youtube

Hello recently I’ve seen someone on this forum talking about a youtube comment bot that can make you comment first on a video that has just been published by a youtube channel. I’ve done some research and came across this. I think this is the bot he was talking about.,A%20bot%20for%20automatically%20post%20comment%20when%20a%20youtube%20channel,that%20you%20wants%20to%20post.

It’s a script for pyhton i wanted to try it out but i don’t how to propely edit the script to test it out. I have Phyton installed on my computer and i could execute the bot but not sure how to edit the script. Does someone on this forum make use of this specific bot? or has any other recommendations on such a bot?


This bot has some bugs and errors too,I suggest you to get a custom bot made and keep it private and not make a SAAS out of it or else your method will get patched soon.

yea i’m definitely not trying to make a SAAS of out it, its strictly for my own use of growing my brand on youtube. Do you have some suggestions of where i can get a script like this made correctly?

There are many options for this:

1.Freelancing sites
2.Hacking Forums
3.Word of Mouth/Referrals
4.Social Media groups

Well it’s hard to find a good dev’s nowedays who will work on your own terms and deliver what you want exactly.I am looking for a dev for a month to automate some grey hat stuff but didn’t find any trusted one yet.