First post, few questions!


lt will probably be my first and biggest post.

A friend recommended this forum to me and told me all the good stuff - I have been registered on BHW for a year and a half.

I manage about 80 Instagram accounts with only the follow/unfollow function for +/- 50 euros per month and I am definitely looking to expand my services to also increase my prices. The problem is that I don’t have much experience in this field that’s why I would be very grateful if you would give me advice, tips and so on… to help me in this adventure.

Here is the list of services I can do:

-Sale of followers/likes/view stories

-Account audit

-Hashtags Research

-Influencer price calculator

-Find the best target accounts for your niche

-Customized calls to go in-depth on the account

-Account creation and implementation

-Automate an account

-Account management

-Sale of images of pinned stories

-Sale of influencer/dropshipper contract

-Full PDF sales on Instagram (shadowban, #, how to monetize your account)

-Extraction of followers from an account (of the customer or one of his competitors)

-Sales of post downloads by account name, #, or by post

I have heard about SMM Panel Services but despite my research I have not found anything clear. What is it?

For people already doing this kind of thing, where did you learn to do it? Ebooks? Mentors?

On the other hand, my clients are neither English nor American, I will (probably) not be one of your competitors: p

Thank you.

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This is a good question, I am not too confident to answer it but right now, I am just managing more than 500+ accounts and have some income, so I have a few experiences for you.

  • First of all, I have habits that I always surf some high-quality forums and authors about Digital Marketing, Automation, Marketing Ideas,… such as this forum. (But don’t read too much, keep practicing daily).

  • Secondly, Facebook Groups are the best solution to find people have the same job, We can learn a lot of things from them, from experts,… because they spend a lot of time to research and do it every day, we can join them.

  • Last things, Actually, I don’t recommend mentors or books too much. Because you know, the Algorithms are changing every day, and who knows exactly what it is except your self. So just keep learning by yourself, just get mastermind from it and try to develop it.

Ps1: Sharing is also a way to learn
Ps2: (sorry English is my 2nd language)


Anyone else having good tips for a noob who wants to make a living selling courses/coaching on Instagram to people? :smiley:

Give it a search in the search bar about “Courses” and see what people around here think about them.

Not all courses seller are scammers you know

Thanks for your help tho

I didn’t say all sellers are scammers. I just said to give it a look about how people on this forum think about courses. Just my two cents :smiley:

I should not have used the word courses, because it’s not what I want to do.
I’m just looking for informations (like types of services to offer, prices…) to sell to clients such as restaurants, businesses, entrepreneurs…

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Now we talk. Whatever you need just type in the search bar.

Need to learn how to do M/S method? Type it and read about it.
Follow back ratio? We have it.
How to find sources? We have that too.
How to close clients? Checked.
Hotel? Trivago.