First tik tok 1000 views, 164 likes, 8 comments, 1 share

I just had a imo very good idea for a tik tok video as scrolled through my fyp. So I invested 2 days of work into that project and uploaded the video. First time it hit 1300 views. Then i deleted it because i forgot to max the sound volume in the tik tok app. I repostet it and it went up for probably 1h to 1000 views. Then since yesterday evening no more views. Is my video “dead” now?

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A lot of people are posting at tiktok due to current situation in the world, so your video probably got pushed down by newer videos.

But don’t let that discourage you. Keep creating new videos and posting them, you can’t really expect to go viral after just one post.

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Thanks for your reply is it possible that another batch of people will see it or is it just dead now?

I’m not that much into tiktok to be honest, but as much as I know, you probably won’t get many more views on it. Anyway, don’t delete it, just make new one and try again.

I think @SBG and @Alexnvo will be able to give you better advices than I am, if they have some time.

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Ive heard that deleting videos is very bad, haven’t done it so couldn’t tell you personally.

From my experience TikTok is wild. some posts go to 160k views and some get 200… i really wouldn’t spend too much time worrying on a singular video as the platform is so new the algorithm seems to be very random.

Also, ive had videos that have been on 0-50 views for 2 days then blow up to 50k overnight.

Keep posting.

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unless you have a copyright violation or a video under review, private them. you lose insights.

Keep shooting your shot and never delete the missed shots. It’s the key!!!

Thx for all your replies! I didn’t know that its so bad to delete videos i will never do that again for sure and post a new video on monday or tuesday.

No, none of these is the case. What do you mean by loosing insight

insights was the wrong term – stats is what you lose.
say to have a video with 100 likes, and your total likes is 2100 – if you private the video, you still have 2100 likes – if you delete you have 2000 likes shown. Deletions are best done for vids that are not in your niche. Say you start out with an account mixed with humor and singing – it cannot be both, it must be one or the other. You then make a choice for a singing account – delete all your humor ones.