First Time User get a ban and blocked twitter account

Hello MPUsers,

I ordered last week MP and setup a twitter account with the attached settings for twitter. After 24h I got an email with the following message “Your account may have been compromised by a website or service not associated with Twitter. We’ve locked your account @twitteraccount to keep it safe. In order to log back in, you must change your password.”

I thought I have a unagressive setting, but no chance. Is there a neutral setting where I can see to get not a ban from twitter?

any help appreciated. thanks!

Did you access your account outside MP or on a different IP? Also, as much as possible don’t run the tool for 24 hours…does not look human and aside from Follow, schedule other actions on the account.

Hi Anna,

yes via the android app and also I don’t have night scheduling activated…

Take it slower at first, especially if you haven’t done mass follow/unfollow before. Set all the tools up, don’t just follow/unfollow. Post 5-10 times per day, do retweets, likes, act like a normal account and grow settings over time.

Hi Johnny,

it’s not a brand new account. I have over the last year roundabout 500 tweets send and I’m active. The question is how long I need to get the next step? is this weekly suggested or monthly and then increase the parameters? how do I know when it’s time to push higher?


increase it slowly every couple of days, it will look like a normal person gets more interested in their platform and spends more and more time.

Thanks Johnny, it works… I gently increase the amount and I didn’t get so far a ban.

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If you have an aged account that just got this lock and password change from twitter, what should we start out with and how many follows should we increase to each day?