Fitness Accounts Being Shadowbanned

I have a fitness account that has been shadow banned for 2 weeks. In the past, it lasted exactly 14 days but when it was not lifted this time after the same time period, I started looking at other fitness accounts and found that a lot of them are shadow banned as well. Keep in mind, all of these accounts have at least 100k followers.

I already noticed that shirtless photos have been penalized and didn’t hit explore or hashtags since around May. The explore page also has a bunch of tabs for pretty much every niche besides fitness. It seems as though fitness is being punished. However, there are hundreds of repost pages that post my content as well as other accounts who are currently shadow banned and it is hitting explore and hashtags so it can’t just be the content. I’m thinking it has to do with fitness or a combination of fitness/account size. I’m curious if anyone else is seeing this with their own accounts or client accounts in the fitness niche.

Not sure that this has anything to do with it, but I do know that instagram is reducing the reach of sexually suggestive photos and such on purpose recently, not showing on hashtags and explore, so maybe shirtless fitness photos and such are also impacted

maybe banned hashtags?

I have also noticed this with shirtless pictures/workouts. Shirted pictures/videos always seem to do fine on hashtags/explore. It seems to be post specific shadowbans for me and not last for any specific duration. Could just be instagrams image detection software incorrectly reducing reach?