Fitness Niche on IG?

I’m thinking in about setup some accounts with a fitness niche where I would ask their emails and give them real tips to lose weight or something. Would this work?

Only one way to find out :wink:

You can create a landing page with email on downloading a ebook that contain that real tips to lose weight.

Create multiple domains and mark the main landing page domain -> Profit

Make sure you cover your tracks! Had a buddy in Florida do this and the Florida Department of Health hit him with some hefty fines.

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No, fitness is dead.

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Of course it will work . That’s what I used MP for gathering emails. Now Fb Ig bot is down and I’m stilll making money . Value value value & sell.

I just want to let you know it’s only so much that you can earn doing black hat techniques.

I have over 50 fitness clients on IG… can confirm even tho they make thousands of $… for someone new its dead unless you have money for paid ad’s to kick start your campaign.

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