Fiverr ads / Instagram growth

Hi friends.

I have a question, I always used Jarvee till the big 2019 block, since then Jarvee didn’t work for me anymore, but I still got clients that want to grow.

Yesterday I signed a deal with a clothing company and they want to grow their instagram.
What is the best way? I see a lot of follow/unfollow services on Fiverr for +/- 150,- a month, but they need a password.

I will be in huge problems if something happens to this account.

Can anybody help me?


By the way, they all say they do the follow/unfollow method

I’d recommend you to not use such a service where you have to give access to your clients accounts.

You should try M/S method. There are some guys here offering that e.g. @heroeslair

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And you haven’t used Jarvee since then? Jarvee is still working for me, but of course, it’s not as easy as back then :slight_smile: The mother/Child method is great because it’s safe when it comes to your main accounts.

Thanks for the reply!