Fiverr, are my ideas save?


Hello, how many of you are using fiverr, feeelancer or Upwork to hire developers for some projects? Did you ever had this problem that the Coder on the other side is maybe copying your idea?

I have currently a strong feeling that this is happening, how is your expirience with fiverr and so on…and how to protect ideas, because developers are in every damn business not only coding? :sweat_smile:



If he’s working on fiverr it’s likely that he doesn’t have much money and just wants to survive :slight_smile:
So I doubt he can out-spend you, as a business man, in a new idea. And you should have much more experience


A small chance that a freelancer will steal your business, you probably have much more experience in the subject.

If you have a really innovative idea that does not exist, you should not look for a developer in such a place. Find a company with a good reputation and several years of experience.

You can also check the progress of the project more often and not wait until the end of the project, eg every week or two. If the project from week to week will have delays, you can react faster and withdraw. In addition, you do not have to give all the details at the beginning, only the overall vision, and later, week by week, determine exactly the rest.
I recommend checking the Scrum (Agile) methodology for a better understanding of what I mean.


At least of freelancer you can have the developer to sign an NDA( non disclosure agreement) for like 10$, not sure if that works if developer himself would want to ‘borrow’ your idea