Fiverr reviews exchange

Hello guys,

does anyone of you sell something on Fiverr?

I am looking for some kind of Reviews exchange, saw it is core to start selling over there.


I’m down! I got some stuff I’m selling there

PMed you Buddy with Skype link, lets talk how it works lol :smiley:

Me too I have few GIGs to promote

sent you PM with my skype

We made few reviews exchanges! Let`s add more :slight_smile:


I can drop a few reviews :slight_smile:

Wow, great! Sending PM with my Skype mate

Hi I need fiver reviews can we exchange

i need fiverr review exchange as well pm me

I don’t have any gig to promote but I have an aged fiverr account and I’ll be happy to help by dropping a few well written reviews if the work is cool !

Feel free to pm, always ready to help

I’ll be happy to leave a review as well, however I wouldn’t want an exchange. I would just want $2 on top of the 5 dollar gig.

I’m down to do reviews on Fiverr! I don’t have much of a budget right now, but if you have any smaller gigs you’d like purchased or reviewed please feel free to PM me or reply to this comment. My cheapest gig is $5.00 and I’d LOVE some reviews!
My Fiverr username is: rachelskyfitz