Fix confirm your ID " video verification"

Hello my mates
hope all of you are fine

i’m having a small issue with my accounts
my accounts were now working best with Jarvee, all were set auto

but from last few days my accounts are asking for video verification

can anyone of your knows that why its asking for video verification, once and twice is fine, but its asking now after each next 24 hrs

what should i do to reduce it ?

or can i fix this video verification auto by JV ?

looking for your replies


It’s usually because of how the accounts were setup. You may review the following pointers:

  • How many accounts are sharing the same proxy/IP address?

  • Do you login to the Instagram account on your phone/another browser while you are running actions in Jarvee?

  • If you have more than 1 IG account added to Jarvee, please check if the accounts have the below items in common:

  1. The same bio description.

  2. The same link, or redirecting to the same landing page.

  3. Posting the same images.

  4. Using the same Caption for the posts.

  5. Sending the same message if you are using the contact tool.

  6. Commenting using the same comment if you are using the comment tool.

  7. Using more than 2 accounts from the same IP or Proxy.

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Most of the cases it is caused by accessing the account on other devices, bad proxies and having common thing with your account. You need to review these things.

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hello @Jessi and @mykel7mj
thanks for your replies

@Jessi here is the answers of your questions

: i’m using using only 1 proxy for only 1 account, i’ve more then 20 accounts and using 20 proxies individually with them

: no, i’m not using those accounts on any other device/phone, just using them only on Jarvee

: 1, yes
: 2, yes
: 3,yes
: 4, yes
: 5, no, the main idea of my messages is same, but i’m using spin text for it to spin my messages for each user
: 6, no, i’m not using commenting tool at all
: 7, no, all are having individual proxy

but @Jessi, all of these things i were doing manually from my phones with all the same content, but there was no any issue like that, then why here ?

looking for your reply, thanks

hey @mykel7mj
i’m not using accounts on other devices, but having common things in my account but that’s already working manually

and how can i know the proxies are bad or not ?

Instagram continues to become restrictive and using the same bio, links, images, and captions have been a big indicator in the past that the accounts only belong to the same user, thus the higher chances of getting flagged.

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what if i made a small change in each bio, caption and all that ?

bad proxies are proxies that are already been used by another account that got banned and that proxy has been flagged by Instagram.

you can also try that.

can you share a screenshot of that video confirmation that IG ask for?

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hey @Luca my friend
how are you ?

i was waiting for you reply, already knew that you will reply for sure

sure my friend, i’ll share now

you can see it here my friend

or if you asked for any other screenshot lemme know, i’ll send you again


yeah I see, the only way to verify that account is from the phone app itself I guess that’s where they ask for a video confirmation right?

yes right, but its asking for video confirmation again and again after every 24 hrs

that’s the issue

It’s not possible to solve the video verification issue automatically in Jarvee. Did you do actions on the account right away after you solved the verification issue? If so, that’s most likely what causes the issue to keep occurring. Try resting the account for a few days before you start doing actions again.

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ossi is right, when you keep getting verification one after the other it means that IG does not trust that account, so what you need to do is change/assign a proxy to that account a good quality one then give the account a few days rest and start actions very slowly after that.

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hello @ossi and @Luca

thanks for your replies

yeah you’re right, i was doing actions just after verifying the accounts, but now i’ll stop all actions on those accounts for few days, then we will see what will happen

thanks again

great, make sure to start slowly after resuming the actions just like if you are using a brand new account, warm it up slowly and see how it goes.

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yes, i agree with luca, you should start with much lower setting after resting the account, then increase the setting gradually each day.

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thanks @Luca and @ossi

i’ll do like as you said to do

really appreciate your suggestions and helping

have a great day
good bye